All together, 130 years old, the popular "Silver Hair" band just wants to go into more neighborhoods

A TikTok video of less than a minute made the singing group with bright silver hair popular on the Internet in June 2022.


became popular, they accepted media interviews, received business invitations, and shot two commercials. Aged more than 120, they came up with an attitude name for the group - Silver Hype.

Combination guitar and lead singer Zhang Qianfa (Xiao Zhang, 63 years old) obtained a street performance license before the epidemic, but due to the epidemic, he was unable to perform on the street for a long time.

Another frontman, Wu Yilian (67), is Zhang Qianfa's neighbor and former colleague. Before retiring, the two often performed together in the insurance industry, and they also formed a team to participate in the selection of "Avenue of Stars" in Singapore.

During the

epidemic, Wu Yilian was unable to go out to sing in order to take care of her seriously ill sister. Later, when her sister died, Wu Yilian was in a low mood. In order to help Wu Yilian get out of her grief as soon as possible, Zhang Qianfa suggested that the two sing together again.

The long-lost street performance brought a lot of joy to the two, especially seeing many elderly people in wheelchairs who came to see their performance even if they had limited mobility. Although it was raining heavily on the day of the video shooting, some old fans came to the show, and the two elderly people who lived nearby listened to it completely.

Behind the joy that

brings to the audience is the repeated practice between the two before each performance. Zhang Qianfa handwrote the lyrics and scores of each song on the sheet music, and also made a catalog for fans to find songs. Several large books of thick sheet music have to be taken out every time they perform.

At the beginning of the performance, he played the guitar and sang for nearly three hours in a row. For the two who were over 60 years old, it was also a physical challenge.

However, Zhang Qianfa said that the biggest pressure facing street performances is not fatigue, but complaints. The two would greet the surrounding vendors before performing, raise the volume too loud, and perform within the specified time, but they were still complained from time to time.

Booking the time and place for street performances is also a problem. Wu Yilian said frankly, "Every time there are a lot of people, they are quickly booked out, and the rest of us who are not very good at operating mobile phones are not good times and places." And due to license restrictions, the two can only go to the stipulated HDB area to perform.

Even so, the two still want to go to more places with seniors to perform. Zhang Qianfa said: "I don't want them to come from far away to sing to us by car. We can still go, so I hope to go to more neighborhoods to sing to them."

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