Maradona Hand of God football auction, expected to sell for up to 4 million yuan

(Bengaluru Reuters) - The football used by the late Argentine star Maradona in the "Hand of God" classic match against England in the 1986 World Cup will be auctioned and is expected to sell for $2.8 million (about S $4 million, 1 US dollar to about S $1.42, the same below). In the World Cup held in Mexico

36 years ago, when Argentina played in England in the quarter-finals of the World Cup, Maradona conquered the world with cunning tricks and amazing skills. In this rematch, Maradona touched the ball into the net with his hand in the sixth minute of the second half, sparking a big controversy over the "Hand of God". Four minutes later, he went straight from the midfield, passed a vote of defenders, and scored the most beautiful goal in World Cup history.

The Tunisian referee presiding over the game, Ali Nasse, who presided over the game, has now put the football used in the game up for auction. He said: "This ball is part of the history of international football and it feels like the right time to share it with the world. I hope the buyer who won the bid will display the ball publicly or share it with the public in other ways."

The auction will be held by auction company Graham Budd on November 16, and bidders can register and bid online from October 28.

Maradona passed away in November 2020 at the age of 60. The jersey he wore for the game attracted seven bidders in May and finally sold for $9.3 million.

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