Farewell to the "company" of the cancer bus captain and his wife of 17 years

In March 2022, Chen Qianyuan (69 years old, bus captain), a terminal cancer patient, was admitted to a single ward after failing chemotherapy.

Although the

single-person ward is advanced, Chen Daoyuan has nothing to do except take antibiotics four times a day. Seeing that he was thinner and thinner every day when his wife Lu Huizhen visited, he couldn't hide his worry. Chen Daoyuan had an idea: go home.

Chen Shuanyuan said: "I don't know when my last life will be, and how close I will be to my wife in my lifetime." (Photo by Li Kang)

suddenly decided to go home, and Chen Bianyuan was also worried. The two have no children, and the heavy responsibility of caring for them all falls on his wife. Can she bear it?

"I don't work, I'll take care of you", "You are my husband, and I am willing to take care of you", Lu Huizhen's affirmative answer time and time again reassured Chen Qianyuan. On March 15, 2022, he officially returned home from the hospital.

Taking care of daily life is not a problem. For Lu Huizhen, the most difficult thing is to take care of the "two holes" on Chen Qianyuan's body.

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In January 2022, Chen Zhongyuan's urethra was blocked. In order to protect the kidneys, the doctor opened a hole in Chen Zhongyuan's back waist and put a urine bag on it. In May 2022, Chen Zhongyuan had a bacterial infection of the bladder, and the operation left a hole about 2 cm in diameter in Chen Zhongyuan's abdomen. After that, the body excrement flowed into the fecal bag of the abdomen.

When Lu Huizhen first learned to change fecal bags, she had to change several bags a day. Occasionally, if she didn't handle it well, the excrement came out painful and itchy. Chen Qianyuan went to the toilet to clean it up slowly by himself. After that, he didn't forget to comfort his wife: "No one is born. It's normal for a professional nurse to change four bags a day."

With her husband's encouragement, Lu Huizhen changed for better and better, and sometimes joked with Chen Zhongyuan: "Our husband and wife have one pain and one hard work, all because of the hole in our stomach."

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