Follow-up to the Genting landslide: about 3,000 customers unsubscribed, and campsite operators in Malaysia suffered heavy losses

(Morning News) The landslide accident at a campground in the Mid-Levels of Genting, Malaysia has seriously hit the business of other local campground operators. Some operators said that about 3,000 customers cancelled their subscriptions and suffered heavy losses.

According to Utusan Malaysia, one of the campgrounds, Sojuk Riverside, said that out of about 3,000 customers who cancelled their subscriptions, about 1,200 chose to refund, while others chose to reschedule.

She said that the large number of customers canceling their subscriptions is now more serious than the "unsubscriptions wave" during the coronavirus epidemic. "But the unsubscriptions wave is very common in the tourism industry, and we are ready to deal with it."

She said that camping must always pay attention to the natural environment, and even if the government does not issue a warning, they will pay attention to the weather changes from time to time. "We work with other tourism operators and indigenous people to inform them as soon as there is any weather change."

She said that for example, it started to rain at the top of the mountain, but the weather below the mountain was still hot, and they would also double their attention because they did not know what would happen next.

She said that in order to ensure the safety of customers, camp managers will supervise in high-risk areas. "Our camp is located in Kampong Kuantan and has been temporarily closed as instructed by the government. Firefighters are still searching for the missing and we are also unable to operate."

Kamar Aishah campsite operator Rhodes said that due to natural disasters from time to time, he usually does not take many orders, especially during the northeast monsoon period at the end of the year. Therefore, although the government ordered the temporary closure of the camp a few days ago, it did not have a serious impact on him. He said that some customers chose to change their travel dates rather than cancel their orders after learning about the situation.

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