President Halima: Child rape is disgusting, 50-year-old caning law should be reviewed

(Morning News) Rapists should not escape caning just because they are over 50 years old. Their cruel acts have left their victims with a lifetime of severe trauma and indelible harm, but they have escaped the pain caused by caning. President Halima called for a review of caning-related laws to strengthen the protection of children.

Halima posted on Facebook on Monday (December 19) in response to a recent spate of cases involving children being raped by male relatives at home.

She pointed out that in some cases, the accused was under the age of 50 when they committed the rape, and the crime was only revealed after the crime. " It's time for us to review this law. We have a responsibility to protect children, and we must not fail them. "

She described the recent cases as very disturbing and disgusting. It is not enough to punish these rapists alone. Society must also explore other ways to protect children from falling into the claws of rapists." I am worried that there may be more unreported cases. I can't imagine how much pain and harm these young victims have to endure. "

Halima also praised the contributions of local organizations dealing with domestic violence, such as the Centre for the Prevention of Domestic Violence (PAVE), and hoped that they would work with relevant government agencies to explore better protection of children from sexual abuse in the home.

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