N-level results are released 78.4% Ordinary academic students can be promoted to Form 5

(Morning Post) The results of the 2022 Cambridge N-level Baccalaureate were released on Monday (December 19). 78.4% of students from ordinary academic origins can progress to Form 5 this year, slightly lower than last year's 79.2%.

This year, 9,000 students from ordinary academic origins took the Baccalaureate, and 99.5% passed at least one subject and were awarded certificates, of which 78.4% were able to progress to Form 5. According to records, between 2002 and 2020, the promotion rate of Form 5 ranged from 70.9% to 78.2%. Last year's 79.2% was the highest pass rate for N-level Baccalaureate candidates since 2002.

This year, 4,414 ordinary craft students took the N-level examination, and 98% passed at least one subject, were awarded a certificate, and could be promoted to the Institute of Technical Education after graduation. This is close to 98.1% last year.

In addition, 51.9% of ordinary academic origin students applied for O-level subjects under the subject placement plan this year. Their N-level examination results and school graduation pre-examination results in O-level subjects can also be promoted to Form 5 if they meet the promotion criteria. O-level results will be announced in January next year.

With the relaxation of coronary disease prevention measures, this year's candidates can gather in the auditorium, unlike the past two years when they had to gather in their respective classrooms to collect their results.

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