Thai frigate sinks in Gulf of Thailand, warship helicopters dispatched to search for 33 marines

(Morning News) The military dispatched several warships and helicopters to search for 33 missing marines on Monday (December 19) after a Thai Navy frigate sank late at night in the bad weather waters of the Gulf of Thailand.

Reuters reported that the location where the HTMS Sukhothai frigate sank was off the coast of Banburi province, south of Bangkok.

It is reported that the warship's engine failed and sank at about 12 midnight on Monday. The warship was about 20 nautical miles from the coast at the time.

The Thai Navy sent three warships and two helicopters to search the waters where the accident occurred.

The Navy said the search and rescue team carried out a night rescue mission in bad weather. Of the 106 people on board, 73 were rescued, and the remaining 33 remained unrecovered.

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