Genting "Father Organic Farm" operator: The landslide site is not on the farm, but it does not escape responsibility

(Morning News) The operator of the "Father Organic Farm" involved in the Genting landslide incident said that the landslide site was not on the farm, but on the side of the road outside the farm. But they will not shirk their responsibilities, and they also mourn the dead and bow to the injured and their families.

The "Father Organic Farm" camping camp in Patong Garry, Kuala Lumpur had 94 people when it collapsed last Friday (December 16). 640 search and rescue workers rescued 61 survivors as of Monday (December 19) evening, and found the remains of 24 victims, with nine others unaccounted for.

Chen Jianyu, head of "Father Organic Farm", and Chen Zhichuan, the administrator of the camping camp, held a press conference at a restaurant in Kuala Lumpur on Monday (December 19). Chen Jianyu stressed that as the operator, he will not shirk his responsibility for the tragedy.

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As for the location of the incident, Chen Jianyu said: "This landslide didn't actually happen in our park, but next to the road two or three kilometers away."

He said that the "Father Organic Farm" is mainly based on organic farming, but since 2017, camping camps have been opened to allow parents to bring their children to the farm to camp and get close to nature. He said that the farm is not mainly camping, but mainly organic farming. Therefore, government departments such as the Agricultural Bureau often visit the farm for inspections.

Chen Jianyu and Chen Zhichuan also bowed to the victims, wounded and family members of the accident at the press conference. "We would like to express our deep condolences to the deceased who died in this unfortunate accident and regret that this happened. I would like to bow to all the deceased and injured. We are also very grateful to the search and rescue team and the police for their help."

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