Umno's ousted leader is approaching League of Nations, Hadi Awang: League of Nations candidate list may change

(Alor Setar/Kayang General News) Hadi Awang, the acting chairperson of the National League, revealed that some ousted Umno leaders are approaching the National League. The National League may change the original list at any time and appoint candidates with a chance of winning.

Hadi Awang is also the chairperson of the Islamic Party. He held a press conference after introducing the National League candidate in Kedah on Wednesday (November 2) and said that the National League is currently like a rising stock and is at its best. "Politics is like a stock market. When the stock market is rising, there are many people who come to support it."

Hadi Awang said that the League of Nations welcomes anyone to join, and will change the list of candidates at any time to appoint those who have a chance of winning.

Shahitan confirmed that the League of Nations banner defended the original seat

The former ruling coalition Barisan Nasional announced the list of candidates for the national seat in West Malaysia on Tuesday, but many former ministers and senior MPs who were seen as pro-caretaker Prime Minister Ismail Shabiri were removed. Among them, Shah Hee Tam, a former state minister and minister in Perlis, confirmed in a joint interview with Malay-language media on Thursday that he would fight in the 15th general election under the banner of the National League to defend his seat.

On the other hand, Hadi Awang said he had received information that some people within Umno were trying to weaken BN in order to improve Pakatan Harapan's chances of winning in the upcoming general election so that they could form an alliance with Pakatan Harapan later. "The purpose of these people is to exonerate themselves in court cases, not for the people," he said. He gave no further details.

Hadi Awang admitted that the upcoming general election will be an uphill battle, but he reiterated that PAS will not cooperate with Pakatan Harapan under any circumstances.

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