Girl hot wax hair removal, leg burn claim

(Morning News) The girl claimed that more than 15% of her body suffered second-degree burns after receiving hot wax hair removal, and demanded compensation of 3,850 yuan from the beauty shop.

The victim, who goes by the pseudonym Elizabeth, told the current affairs website "Mother Ship" that she went to a beauty salon in the Oxley Tower in Tanjung Pagar to remove her body hair on December 1. Unexpectedly, after a few days, she felt itchy and red in many parts of her body. On the 4th, she still felt pain. After seeing a doctor on the 5th, she was told that her skin was burned or left with scars.

According to Elizabeth, there were burn marks on her lower body, including her thighs, calves and private parts, and the total medical expenses after seeing a doctor were 197 yuan and 7 corners.

According to the photos provided by the client, her thighs, near her knees and other parts were red, and the parts near her private parts were the most extensive. Afterwards, she claimed 3,850 yuan from the beauty salon, including 173 yuan for hair removal expenses paid, medical expenses and a week of lost income.

Elizabeth said that during hair removal care, she told the beautician twice that the wax was too hot. In this regard, the beauty salon countered that the beauticians asked the customers whether the temperature was suitable during the process, but Elizabeth did not say anything at the time.

Elizabeth said that after a few days, she thought that the allergic reaction to the skin would subside naturally, but she developed peeling and blisters, so she sought medical attention.

Beauty salon: handed over to a lawyer to handle

A beauty salon manager said that after Elizabeth left, she left a hat in the store and sent a message to inform the other party on December 3, but Elizabeth did not mention the skin discomfort at the time. The manager said that if she had asked earlier, she could assist in handling it.

She also said that she later learned of the incident through the staff and tried to contact Elizabeth, but the other party did not answer the phone.

When Elizabeth's husband approached the beauty salon again, the manager said that it would be handled by a lawyer.

The manager also said that Elizabeth's husband said on the Internet that the praise of the beauty salon was all bought back. She also said that she was unwilling to make any compensation until the matter was known, because she did not want to presume that the beautician caused the customer to burn.

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