The experts of the Tour de France are competing with each other, and the fourth players of our country are looking forward to learning from experience

There is a chance to learn from four-time Tour de France champion Frum and this year's Tour de France champion Wenger. The cyclists who participated in the Tour de France in my country called this a "once in a lifetime" opportunity.

My country will host the Prudential Singapore Criterium, a spin-off event of the Tour de France, on October 29th and 30th. Local cyclists will usher in a rare opportunity to compete with world famous players. They are quite looking forward to it.

The official race of the

Circle Race will start at 4:00 pm on the 30th at the floating stage of Binhai Bay. There will be 50 cyclists from 13 teams participating, including 34 World Tour teams (the highest level of the cyclists), 12 Intercontinental Team (third level) players and players sent by the Chinese Cycling Association: Yang Wenjie (34 years old), Shen Deguang (33 years old), Lin Zhenyu (24 years old) and A Fan (Arfan Faisal, 22 years old).

Chinese players: the track is narrow and difficult to catch up

Like the Tour de France, although the circle race depends on who crosses the line first, it cannot be separated from team cooperation. Among the four, Yang Wenjie is the strongest and the bronze medalist in the men's circle race at this year's East Asian Games. Shen Deguang said in an interview that they will try their best to help Yang Wenjie get a good position in front and ensure that he can stay in the large army to retain his physical strength, because running in the front has the greatest wind resistance at the beginning, which will consume a lot of physical strength.

is different from the long-distance Tour de France. The lap race is expected to end within an hour and a half, and the choice of players' positions and the focus of the race are more demanding. Yang Wenjie said: "The track is very narrow, almost flat, and the speed will be very fast. It will be difficult to catch up when you fall behind at the beginning." They will therefore strive to get a good position in the first few turns at the starting point.

The long runway of

Binhai Park Link and the ensuing U-turns are the most challenging places for drivers, who must slow down through steep turns after sprinting with all their might. Yang Wenjie said that this is a section that may decide whether to rise or fall sharply in the rankings.

Shen Deguang is also a track cyclist. He won my country's first track cycling gold medal at the Men's Alpine Combined in the 2017 SEA Games. He said that there are many similarities between the road lap race and the track race, and the skills can also be shared. "Both emphasize not to lose the rear wheel of the bicycle, and I can also use my track cycling skills to calculate the sprint distance and time point."

The younger Lin Zhenyu and Afan have the opportunity to go to Australia in the first half of this year to participate in the training and competition of the ARA continental team for several months. This is one of the cooperation contents between the Chinese Bicycle Association and the Australian Bicycle Academy at the end of last year.

Lin Zhenyu said, "I had almost no experience in the competition before. I participated in the circle race almost every week in the local area. I learned the skills of choosing positions, distributing physical strength, team tactics, etc., and gained a lot. I hope to show it in this competition."

F1 track to be adjusted next year Bannan, the high-level competition director of the

Singapore Cycling Association, said that the Tour de France is a world-class competition, and it is not realistic for my country to be on the podium. He hoped that the team members could gain valuable experience in this competition, show aggression, and do their best.

In addition to the team sent by the conference, another Chinese player, Wu Junfa (32 years old), will also represent Malaysia's Terengganu Polygon Intercontinental Team.

This is also the last sporting event to be hosted by the Marina Bay Floating Stage. The floating stage will be redeveloped into "Weiguo Square" in March next year and is expected to be completed by the end of 2026. The route of the local world Formula 1 car (F1) will also be adjusted from next year, and the track between turns 16 and 19 near the floating stage will be changed to a 397.9-meter straight road.

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