Hainan: It is illegal for individuals to sell antigen reagents, and the maximum penalty for crimes involved is life

After China relaxed epidemic control measures, there have been cases of reselling drugs and antigenic reagents in many places. The Hainan Provincial Drug Administration issued a reminder that it is illegal for individuals to sell antigenic reagents. If the sale of counterfeit and shoddy products involves a crime, the maximum penalty may be life imprisonment.

According to the announcement of the Hainan Provincial Food and Drug Administration's "Hainan Medicine News" WeChat official account on Saturday (December 17), after the promulgation of the "New Ten Articles" on December 7, some people in Hainan Province illegally sold coronary antigen detection reagents on social platforms, violating relevant laws and regulations.

Circular stated that coronary antigen detection reagents are high-risk and need to take special measures to strictly control and manage them to ensure their safety and effectiveness. According to the relevant provisions of the Regulations on the Supervision and Administration of medical apparatus and the relevant requirements of the State Food and Drug Administration, the sale of antigen detection reagents must obtain a business license. If the antigen reagent is sold without permission, a maximum fine of 30 times the value of the goods can be imposed.

Circular reiterates that individuals cannot engage in business activities of antigen detection reagents, and it is an illegal act for individuals to sell antigen detection reagents. At the same time, if the antigenic reagents illegally sold are counterfeit and shoddy products, or if they are fake and unqualified products pretending to be qualified products, and the sales amount is relatively large, they will also be suspected of the crime of producing and selling fake and shoddy products. According to the "Criminal Law of the People's Republic of China", selling fake and shoddy products constitutes a crime, and the maximum penalty is life imprisonment.

Hainan Provincial Food and Drug Administration reminded that consumers must purchase antigen detection reagents from regular channels, and if they find illegal clues, they should also complain and report in time.  

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