The first in-home dental service in Hong Kong, allowing seniors with reduced mobility to check their teeth at home

(Morning News) The first home-based dental service has been launched locally, allowing seniors with reduced mobility to receive oral examinations at home. Under the program, more than 100 seniors have seen a dentist for the first time after many years. The

Tele-Dentistry Oral Care for Seniors (T-DOCS) program for seniors was launched by the National Dental Centre of Singapore and the Temasek Holdings Foundation to provide home-based seniors with oral examinations through cooperation with community care providers.

Among the 199 seniors currently participating in the pilot program, 78 are from home medical services at St. Andre Community Hospital. In addition to regular routine care at home, they also receive an additional oral examination every six months.

Nurses will use an oral scanner when they come to the house to take pictures and record the oral conditions of the elderly. The dentists at the National Dental Center will make an assessment based on the information and recommend them to take the care or treatment they need. Dr. Shen Baozhu, senior consultant at the Department of Restorative Dentistry, Department of Prosthodontics, Department of Prosthodontics, National Dental Center,

, said that dental problems can cause oral discomfort and even cause lung diseases, etc. Despite this, the elderly do not know much about dentistry, so they ignore the importance of oral health.

Shen Baozhu hopes to provide convenient dental services to 500 to 600 elderly people with reduced mobility through a three-year pilot scheme.

The public can email for details of the scheme.

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