Winning the Copa America and the World Cup in a row, Messi's career is complete without regrets

"God is closing a door for you, and he will definitely open a window for you." After being "closed" in the finals for three consecutive years, Messi finally found the long-sought "window" at the end of his national team career, winning the America's Cup and the Hercules Cup in a row, and fulfilling his career..

There is no screenwriter for the

football game, but if there is, it must be the best script. Before 2021, Messi's experience in the national team was quite bumpy, never winning a major championship (except for the 2008 Beijing Olympic men's soccer champion because he was not a senior team competition), but in Barcelona, he has won countless championships, so that he has always been under pressure to "perform better in Argentina in Barcelona". Argentina's consecutive defeats in the 2014 World Cup, the 2015 and 2016 Copa America finals made him even more disheartened, and he once withdrew from the national team after losing in 2016.

Messi still can't let go of his regrets and his major mission to the country, and he returned soon after being retained by everyone. After the 2018 World Cup failed again, the Argentine assistant Scaloni, who had little coaching experience, was righted, causing many doubts, and Messi's dream of winning seems to be farther away.

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Before that, Argentina was like a mess, the frontcourt attack could not be coordinated, and it relied more on Messi's personal ability. But under Scaloni, Argentina welcomed De Paul, Lautaro Martinez and other players. Although the fame is not too great, the team seems to be more united than in the past. Messi is not alone, because there are teammates to share the offensive task.

In 2021, Argentina beat Brazil in the Copa America final, breaking the 28-year championship drought. Then Argentina joined young Messi "fans" such as Alvarez, Enzo Fernandez and McAllister to extend the good form to the World Cup. If it weren't for the upset loss to Saudi Arabia in the first game, Argentina has been unbeaten in 43 consecutive games, and would have surpassed the 37-game unbeaten record set by Italy. Messi also had his best performance in five World Cups, scoring or assisting in six of seven games.

16 years ago in the World Cup in Germany, the fledgling Messi contributed one goal and one assist in the group match of the 6-0 victory over Serbia. After returning to Barcelona, he continued to explode, completely reminiscent of the nimble "little flea" with the ball. He came down to win seven Ballon d'Or (not the World Cup Ballon d'Or) and started the "Mero era" with C. Ronaldo. However, after Messi won the World Cup, the debate between the two who is stronger may come to an end.

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