Johor State Minister: Suspension of automatic customs clearance system is by no means to prevent voters from returning to vote

(Morning Post) Recently, it was reported on social media that UMNO Malaysia deliberately suspended the operation of the automatic customs clearance system at the Johor Bahru checkpoint in order to win the election, in order to prevent Malaysian voters working in Singapore from returning to vote.

"The Star" reported on Friday (October 21) that Johor State Minister Ong Hafiz stressed that the government will never stop the personal flow between Malaysia and Singapore, and hopes that the people of the two countries can communicate more easily.

He said that the claim that the suspension of the Johor Bahru automatic customs clearance system is a ghost behind UMNO is simply nonsense.

Onhafiz said: "In fact, we want people to enjoy the convenience of travel."

Another Johor state lawmaker added that the replacement of the Johor Bahru automatic customs clearance system is to further improve customs clearance procedures. The project started in May this year and will be completed in February next year. The installation of the new system will greatly improve the speed of customs clearance.

The Malaysian Immigration Department announced a few days ago that the passenger entry and exit automatic customs clearance system at the bus stop of Sultan Iskandar Tower (CIQ) in Johor Bahru will be replaced and installed. The automatic customs clearance system will be suspended from October 16 to November 10.

During this time, passport review and customs clearance will be handled by immigration counter staff, and customs clearance waiting times will be longer.

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