Chen Tongjia has been released from prison for three years, but still intends to go to Taiwan to surrender himself for killing his girlfriend

Hong Kong man Chen Tongjia was involved in the killing of his girlfriend in Taiwan in 2018. In 2019, he was sentenced in Hong Kong for money laundering. It has been three years since he was released from prison in October of the same year, and he still intends to surrender to Taiwan.

According to the "Sing Tao Daily" report, it is reported that Chen Tongjia has been living in the mountains in a remote area after leaving the safe house provided by the police in the middle of last year, waiting to make the trip.

Guan Haoming, a member of the Hong Kong Legislative Council who assisted in the Chen Tongjia case, revealed that he had a phone call with the other party (Chen Tongjia) more than a week ago. He was calm and knew that he would not be able to go to Taiwan to surrender in the short term.

Guan Haoming revealed that Chen Tongjia still lives in a quiet place, has three meals, and has never left his residence. He spends his time on the Internet, playing game consoles, and watching TV on weekdays. Chen Tongjia has also not been vaccinated against coronary disease.

Guan Haoming said that Chen Tongjia's willingness to surrender has not changed, but he also knows the political situation on both sides of the strait, and it is difficult to make the trip in the short term. Coupled with the epidemic problem, "Hong Kong and Taiwan have not cleared customs, and it is difficult to make progress if you want to talk about it."

Chen Tongjia was released from prison in the blink of an eye for three years. Guan Haoming described that this kind of life is the most torturous for him at present. "At least being in prison is called having a goal. There is a day when you finish sitting, and now you don't even have the opportunity to take responsibility." It was very torturous for Chen Tongjia.

Guan Haoming said that he will continue to communicate with the Hong Kong government and follow up through different channels.

Chen Tongjia was suspected of killing Pan Xiaoying during a trip to Taiwan with his girlfriend Pan Xiaoying in 2018, and then dumped his body and returned to Hong Kong. The following year, Chen Tongjia was charged with money laundering in Hong Kong and sentenced. He was released from prison at the end of the same year, but the suspected murder has not been dealt with due to jurisdictional issues.

When Chen Tongjia was released from prison on October 23, 2019, he publicly bowed and apologized to his girlfriend Pan Xiaoying's family, promising to go to Taiwan to surrender, but he has not been able to make the trip. Pan's mother has repeatedly asked Chen Tongjia to fulfill his promise as soon as possible. The Hong Kong and Taiwan governments have also repeatedly refuted the incident and criticized each other for political manipulation.

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