Taiwanese academics call for cross-strait thinking "to avoid war by talking"

Taiwan's national security director Chen Mingtong said that the Chinese mainland may "force talks with war" against Taiwan next year. In this regard, Zhao Chunshan, an honorary professor at the Institute of Chinese mainland Studies at Tamjiang University, believes that the Chinese mainland has no possibility of attacking Taiwan next year. The two sides should think about "avoiding war with talk" and prepare for this.

Zhao Chunshan said in an interview with Taiwan's Central News Agency that the Chinese mainland should focus on dealing with internal personnel and economic issues next year, and there is no possibility of attacking Taiwan.

Regarding the statement of "forcing talks by war", Zhao Chunshan analyzed that wars have winners and losers, and the result of "negotiation" is the surrender of either side. He pointed out, "If there is no possibility of winning, how can we" force talks by war "?"

Zhao Chunshan believes that there is a possibility of "war pressure", but it is also impossible for Taiwan to negotiate, and in this case, international factors such as the United States may intervene.

Zhao Chunshan bluntly said that in addition to preparing for war, it is more important for Taiwan to think about "avoiding war by talking", because war is not good for both sides of the strait, and both sides should prepare for "avoiding war by talking". He also believes that if there is a possibility of negotiation, it should appear after 2024, when Taiwan will elect a new government.

He pointed out that next year, Taiwan should maintain peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait for democratic elections, and it is best to resume some cross-strait exchanges to create a favorable atmosphere for "talk to avoid war".

Chen Mingtong said in the Legislative Yuan on Thursday (20th) that if the Chinese mainland has a military action against Taiwan in 2023, it is more likely to be "forced by war", adding that the national security units have certain countermeasures and preparations.

Chen Mingtong also shouted to the Beijing authorities that there is no possibility of winning by attacking Taiwan by force. The two sides of the strait should respect each other and develop independently, which is the happiness of the people. If you open your mouth and close your mouth to unify Taiwan by force, you will definitely become a sinner of the Chinese nation.

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