Malaysian Prime Minister Anwar Anwar passes confidence motion

(Morning News) The Malaysian Parliament voted by voice on Monday (December 19) to pass a motion of confidence in Anwar. This means that Anwar has the support of most MPs to serve as the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

The confidence motion was proposed by Malaysian Deputy Prime Minister Fadila and seconded by another Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid. Fadila said the purpose of submitting the confidence motion was to demonstrate the firm and full support of the lower house of parliament for Anwar as the 10th Prime Minister of Malaysia to carry out his duties.

However, before the confidence motion began, a scolding war broke out between the government and the opposition camp. Han Sha Zainuddin, who has just been appointed as the leader of the opposition party in Parliament, believes that Anwar has been sworn in as prime minister before, and there is no need to submit this motion at all.

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Hansha Zainuddin also criticized the "policy partnerships agreement" signed by the unity government last week for violating freedom of association and restricting the speech of MPs.

According to the policy partnerships agreement, MPs must support Anwar in all motions related to confidence motions and appropriations bills, or any motion that affects the legitimacy of the government, otherwise it will amount to a violation of the anti-job hopping law, and their seats will be suspended for by-elections.

After a round of heated debate, Congress voted on the confidence motion only by voice in an anti-climax manner. Since no MPs requested a registered vote, it is impossible to know how many MPs Anwar received in total.

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