Follow-up to the Genting landslide: Authorities ordered all village chiefs in Wuxue County to be vigilant

(Morning News) Following the tragic landslide at a campsite in Mid-Levels of Genting, Malaysia, nearby kampong leaders have begun to worry about the safety of their villages. The government has reminded all kampong village chiefs in Ulu Selangor County, Selangor to remain vigilant so that they can be notified quickly in the event of a disaster and remind villagers to evacuate immediately.

According to The Star, there are six kampong closer to the landslide site, including Kampong Ulujainen, Kampong Kuantan, Kampong Sri Garden, Kampong Sungai Maxin, Kampong Sentosa and Kampong Genting Ma Li.

Kampong Ulu Jaanin village chief Nachari said the government has instructed all village chiefs in Ulu Selangor district to remain vigilant so that villagers can be alerted quickly. He said that Kampong Ulu Jaanin is about 20 kilometers away from the landslide site, but the groundwater flowing down from the top of the mountain can flow to a long distance, so Kampong Ulu Jaanin villagers must also be vigilant.

Kampong Ulujaning is located by the river near the Gudu Mountain Forest Reserve. The village committee has reminded villagers living by the river to pay attention to flooding.

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The closest kampong to the landslide site is Kampong Genting Ma Li, which is about 10 kilometers from the landslide site. Village Chief Rasi pointed out that after the landslide, many camping sites in the Urudamu and Urujainin areas were closed in accordance with the instructions of the UruSelangor District Council.

He said that the landslide tragedy has attracted great attention from the villagers, especially when it rains heavily. "Our village committee has set up an emergency phone number just in case." He revealed that the villagers are also worried about flooding, and the development of the mountain top is not affecting the lives of the villagers. "Our river water has become turbid, and the villagers cannot bathe in the river. We have raised objections and protests, but the senior officials cannot hear us."

Kampong Shuangxi Maxin is about 15 kilometers from the landslide site. The village committee secretary, Shariman, said the villagers wanted the government to tighten controls on the development of the local hilltop. "The authorities must conduct a stricter Environmental Impact Assessment, including considering the impact of related projects on the surrounding ecology."

He believes that the landslide should be a blow to the government. "Before the villagers had no voice, now we hope things will improve."

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