Falling investment and false police scam, my sister-in-law lost a thousand yuan

Facebook saw that Hu Liyang, who claimed to be the godfather of the Taiwan stock market, provided investment consulting services. However, it was suspected that it was a gold investment scam by mistake. Then he received a fraudulent call from the fake police in Malaysia. The scams were interlinked. Sister-in-law thought she had earned 10,000 yuan, but lost more than 1,000 yuan.

Xu Zhaodi (50 years old, street vendor) complained that half a year ago, he saw an investment master claiming to be "Hu Liyang" offering free investment teaching on Facebook. After clicking on the post, he was directed to WhatsApp to contact the other party. The other party used a Hong Kong number and Hu Liyang's profile photo.

"He has been sharing investment information with me, and said that he earned a few hundred yuan. I chatted with him for two months, and he greeted me and said that his investment knowledge is also very professional, so I trust him very much."


to August, a Singapore number suddenly contacted her, saying that he was Hu Liyang, and asked her to continue investing with him.

"He kept asking his assistant to approach me, and the other party pulled me into a group for investing in gold, and also downloaded an application for an investment platform."

She then followed the suggestion and poured more than 1,000 yuan into the gold investment project. However, by chance, she heard the radio talk about investment fraud. She was shocked that it was similar to the platform she had invested in for more than a few months, so she decided to try it out in November.

"I said that there was an urgent need to withdraw money at home, so I contacted the assistant, but the other party kept shirking and said that I had to wait in line. After a month, the other party said that the platform had approved the request for withdrawal of money and told me not to look for them in the future, and then it disappeared. I was kicked out of the group, and I couldn't contact those people."

Unexpectedly, she had not yet reacted to the investment. Suddenly, someone contacted her through WhatsApp, claiming to be the Malaysian police, saying that she was suspected of money laundering, so the money was frozen.

She was confused and couldn't figure out what was going on.

"My money didn't go into my personal account. I originally earned more than 10,000 yuan on the platform, but I couldn't get it out, so I lost more than 1,000 yuan."

Other sufferers have called the police on the matter.

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