December 19 The ball wins the heart: the thrilling final, Argentina wins the cup again after 36 years, Messi finally realizes his dream

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The Qatar World Cup final became a classic. Argentina led twice, was equalized by France, and finally won through a penalty shootout. Messi and Mbappe have their own wonderful kings, but in the end, Messi fulfilled his dream of being a world champion and bid farewell to his final World Cup game in the most perfect way.

The last episode of "The Ball Wins", let's look back on this wonderful final that has been recorded in history.

After winning the Copa America last year and breaking the 28-year championship drought, Argentina has reached the top of the world after less than a year and a half, completely getting out of the shadow of losing three consecutive finals from 2014 to 2016. Messi, who has won numerous awards at the club, has also won the highest honor in the national team, and has no regrets in his career.

Tonight, at 7pm, revisit the bits and pieces of this final with Lianhe Zaobao digital content reporter Bing Hongjian and sports reporter Chen Mingyao, and summarize the World Cup. The program is broadcast live on the website, Lianhe Zaobao Facebook and Zaobao YouTube channel.

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