Hangzhou police crack down on more than 60 million RMB counterfeit World Cup mascot "Raib" case

Hangzhou police have cracked a case of illegally producing and selling products surrounding the World Cup mascot "Raib", involving more than 60 million yuan (RMB, more than 11.67 million Singapore dollars).

According to The Paper on Monday (December 19), the Public Security Bureau of Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou revealed that a gang that illegally produced and sold products surrounding the World Cup mascot "Raib" was cracked last Wednesday (14th). Criminal coercive measures have been taken.

It is reported that the police had received a report from a merchandise company in the jurisdiction that the surrounding products of the World Cup mascot "Raib" that the company was authorized by the International Football Federation to produce and sell in China were counterfeited. The police task force then identified the case and locked the suspect.

Xiaoshan police arrested four suspects with the assistance of Guangdong police on the 14th, seized a production and packaging den, an agent den, and seized a large number of counterfeit products "Raib" figures, accessories, packaging boxes, etc.

According to reports, the main members of the gang have ordered accessories through the online distribution platform since October this year, assembled and packaged by themselves, and recruited agents to sell online, making profits from the popularity of the World Cup.

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