Little Marcus: "Nigg" has limited damage, no need to declare a national disaster state

(Manila Comprehensive News) The death toll from Tropical Storm "Nigae" in the Philippines has risen to 101, but with the damage limited to some areas, President Marcus Jr. believes there is no need to declare the entire country a national disaster state.

The death toll from Tropical Storm "Nalgae" that hit the Philippines over the weekend has risen from 48 reported on Sunday to at least 101, the National Disaster Reduction Commission reported Monday (Oct. 31). The disaster also left many injured and 66 missing.

According to the "Philippine Star", Marcus Jr. flew to Cavite province, about 30 kilometers south of the capital Manila, on Monday to inspect flooded villages.

Marcus Jr. later told reporters at the scene that the damage caused by Nigg was "highly local" and not widespread, so there was no need to put the entire country into a national state of disaster.

After attending the disaster briefing last Saturday (October 29), Marcus Jr. hesitated about the proposal of the National Disaster Reduction Commission of the Philippines, saying that not all districts in the country were in a state of disaster. But he promised at the time to consider the proposal.

Media previously reported that if a state of disaster is declared, the government can release emergency funds and freeze prices nationwide.

Tropical Storm "Nigg" hit the three main archipelagos of Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao in the Philippines this time, affecting about 590,000 households.

Mindanao's Bicol (Bicol) and Bangsamoro and 158 towns in four regions entered a state of disaster.

According to preliminary estimates by the authorities, the Philippine agricultural losses are about 435 million pesos (about S $10.57 million) and infrastructure losses are about 758 million pesos (about S $18.42 million).

The latest report from the Philippine National Weather Service on Monday said "Nigg" is expected to leave the Philippines that afternoon or evening.

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