NTU launches Singapore Manpower Journal to cover needs survey of young employees

(Morning News) Reshaping trade unions in the digital age, assisting young employees in the workplace and promoting the transformation of the workforce and enterprises, the National Trade Union Federation is the first to launch a manpower journal. Through articles covering the views of scholars, practitioners and the experience of union leaders, it strives to take the pulse of Singapore's manpower issues and promote more labor policies that keep pace with the times.

General Secretary Huang Zhiming presided over the promotion ceremony for the first issue of the Singapore Manpower Journal at the General Labour Research Conference on Friday (October 21). He said that the launch of the Manpower Journal is another major milestone for the NTU, and he hopes to take the staff movement to another level through brainstorming.

The Singapore Manpower Journal is diverse in content. In addition to academic research articles, senior union leaders share industry trends, and surveys on the needs of young employees aged 18 to 35. The first issue of

The Singapore Manpower Journal has a total of 102 pages, and the NTU plans to publish it once a year. This free-to-read journal is also the first manpower journal in South East Asia to invite labor, management, government partners and academic representatives to join the advisory committee.

In addition to Wong Chi Minh, the six-member advisory committee includes NTU Assistant Secretary-General Cheng Deyuan, Singapore Economic Development Board Chairperson Dr. Ma Xuanren, National University of Singapore President Professor Chan Wing Choi, Singapore Management University Dean of the School of Economics Professor Yun Tiande, and Singapore National Employers Federation Vice President Alexander C.Melchers.

The editorial board is composed of representatives of academics and trade union leaders from the six universities to provide perspectives and content covering all stakeholders.

The public can download the electronic version of the manpower journal from the NTU website.

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