Duke looks back at the moon, Australia beat Tunisia by one goal

Qatar World Cup

November 20-December 18

Xue Boyang boyang@sph.com.sg

Qatar World Cup Group D second round Saturday (November 26) in the evening at Al-Janoub Stadium (Al-Janoub Stadium) kick. With a "Looking Back to the Moon" header from striker Duke, "Kangaroo Corps" Australia beat "Carthage Eagle" Tunisia 1-0, keeping the group out hope. Coach Arnold said after the game that the players in this game showed the fighting spirit of Australia.

In the first round of the match, Australia defeated France 1-4. In order to continue to compete for the right to qualify, the enthusiasm of the team to run on the field was eye-catching. Tunisia and Denmark were bored in the first round. In this battle, they faced the Kangaroo Legion (ranked 38th in the world) with the weakest card strength in the group. This Carthage Eagle (ranked 30th in the world) also dared not neglect.

However, Tunisia, which has always played the role of "sending points to the boy" in the World Cup, still cannot escape the fate of accompanying them in this game. In the 23rd minute of the game, Australian striker Goodwin made a cross and hit Tunisian defender Drager for a refraction. Duke sent a look back in the penalty area to help the Kangaroos take the lead.

Both sides had their own offensives in the second half, but both failed to turn the opportunity into a goal, and the score of 1-0 was maintained until the end.

31-year-old Duke currently plays for Fagiano Okayama in the Japanese J2 league. Talking about the moment of scoring, Duke described that moment as his heart was full of emotion. "I heard that only seven Australians have scored in the World Cup and I told Arnold that I would be eighth or ninth," he said. Arnold also praised the players' performance after the game. He said: "The players showed the fighting spirit of the Australians, they have been pressing against their opponents, and their performance makes the whole country very proud."

Regarding the defeat, Tunisia coach Kadri (Kadri) believed after the game that the team's efforts in this game were worth a victory. He said: "This game is a competition between two strong teams, and the hard work we put in should be exchanged for a victory. There is still a game to be played, and we will give it our all."

The current situation in Group D, Australia and France each have three points, temporarily ranking in the top two of the group, Denmark and Tunisia have one point each, ranking the bottom two. The second round of the group match between France and Denmark will be played in the early morning of Sunday (November 27).

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